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Educare is one of the nation’s most effective early childhood education schools.

A concerned parent mentioned, "Educare used to be a nice school, so I thought. The teachers are rude and all over the place and the Director is never really there. It almost seems like they're hiding something. Not to mention they are always losing things. Kids, clothes, etc. I DO NOT recommend this school."


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Site Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"I worked as a site supervisor until I was demoted for nothing literally they pick and choose and bully people when they feel they want someone else to be in your position. They put clients on medication that don't need to be on the RN on call is lazy and doesn't deliver meds on time. The person that does transportation is literally drunk over all this company is racist, also pick and choose with who they want in position work you little to pay. Let supervisors get off on giving clients wrong meds Cons: Pay, management, Rn"

Dcs (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. Too many employees without proper training in higher paying positions. Staff not know what they are doing. Just a mess all over this whole company"

Direct Support Professional (DSP) says

"The company doesn’t care about their employees at all. I had seizures while pregnant they didn’t care. The consumers are amazing and it’s a very remwarding job minus not caring for employees"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"POOR ownership, managers, executive directors, regional Cons: See paragraph below"

Nurse Manager/ LPN/LVN (Current Employee) says

"Management can really make or break your working environment and that was the case here. I loved the job itself and really found the work to be rewarding. Unfortunately, you could not get past managements self-serving desires to make money vs care for the clients."

Direct Care Staff (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management never have houses covered so that you get off in time confused upper management unreliable/untrustworthy staff. pay is horrible for all that you have to do Cons: The whole job"

Kitchen Aide (Former Employee) says

"Back stabbing coworkers they moved me from teacher aide to kitchen aide because I had experience with kitchen help. And that the kitchen had no staff. Cons: Worse than horrible management"

Educare - After School Volunteer (Former Employee) says

"Earned good volunteer experience and was told I did a good job setting goals for myself and being productive. I was a student at the time and I was doing hours plus doing volunteering for the purpose of getting a better job and certification in the future. So far I have received better experience organizing."

DIRECT CARE STAFF (Former Employee) says

"The pay wasn't good at all. The management never did their job. I enjoyed the consumers and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have stayed their for three years. Cons: not a good work environment"

Program Monitor/ Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"This position was the best because of the individuals that are being serviced. The upper management undervalued the quality of workers. This was the worse company that I have been employed by. Cons: Managment"

Primary Teacher (Former Employee) says

"The guidelines set by state are not followed here at all. Classes with to many kids age groups together that should not be together walking and riding public buses all over the city to field trips. However the employees are nice and the kids are sweet."

Direct Care Staff (Current Employee) says

"This company is constantly hiring and thats because people are constantly quitting. The pay you the bare minimum and expect you to do the most. The females in the Workshop including Management are mess and gossip about one another in open areas during business hours. Cons: Everything."

Caregiver Houston (Former Employee) says

"trained mentally challenged adults skill..transported...assist with cooking; bathing; washing laundry. Cons: nothing"

Direct Care Staff (Former Employee) says

"Team formation and development and how it affects performance"

Direct Care Attendant (Former Employee) says

" Provided health and personal cares assistance to psychiatric patients within an assisted living facility. Cons: management very unprofessional, under paid"

Residential Director (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work, for one, never ended. The job became more of a harassing experience for the most part. There was no end to the day being on-call 24/7. You are not expected to have a life outside of your job. When the staff didn't need you then the upper management wanted you do something at all odd hours of the day and night, which in most cases, could have been handled while I had already been present the entire day, not when I was at home. Most information asked for had already been provided in writing yet upper management apparently was not present to receive it. Higher management frequently changed their minds and made up their own rules as they went along and we often times were not even notified of the changes until days or even weeks later. Training is non-existent from upper management as all classes that were scheduled were cancelled, most times at the last minute while we as employees were there waiting..for nothing. The excuses given for these things occurring were just comical. Our time was wasted as we had many other duties we could have accomplished. You are never acknowledged for all of the time you invest and lose or the work you really do but there are plenty of complaints to go around. There is no amount of compensation that could suffice the amount of stress that this company delivers onto it's employees. The salary was ridiculous enough considering you are always working. There is no over time pay, bonuses, or on call compensation. The care staff are stuck at minimum wage with no raises ever unless the law increases it. My co-workers, some staff, Cons: Everything else."

Direct Care Staff (Former Employee) says

"There is a long list of reasons that I would not recommend that any one works for this company. I will only name a few. Cons: Very Low wages, no benefits, bad managment"

Floor Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"My daily tasks consisted of opening and closing the child care center, I was responsible for ensuring that all children were safe and accounted for. That all paperwork was maintained. That all safety guidelines were being meet and with in State and Federal guidelines. Cons: They did not pay you non time or at all even though the money was being received by the company."

Patient Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I have some positive moments while working there. Overall the management there is horrible."

Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I had one hour break and it was during nap time which is the only time you can relax why not when I really need the break? And the director was never happy with anything I did. Was VERY rude and made me feel uncomfortable. Cons: Rude director" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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